MEET Jaemi

Jaemi Serene is a Women’s Leadership Advocate who has a passion for developing the next generation of women leaders. She is adamant that women must know leadership is not about a title. That leadership is simply the ability to influence change for the positive. Therefore, we all have the ability to lead.


Jaemi Serene leads video training and in person seminars teaching Millennial Women how to achieve career success while addressing sexism in the workplace. She also has a footprint in Silicon Valley where she hosts workshops for AAUW, educating women on negotiation tactics to earn a marketable salary. Jaemi Serene sits on the Bay Area Equal Pay Collaborative educating the community of Santa Clara County in ways to close the Gender Wage Gap. Additionally, Jaemi Serene consults with organizations who are looking to create diversity programs that engage women, reduce gender biases and promotes gender equity.