Group Training

SheLeadsHer has three important pillars that cover Mindset, Voice and Leadership.

In this 12 week group training program, you will have one on one time with Jaemi Serene each week, with a group of other women (less than 10) who meet virtually through a live stream video conference in a mastermind format.

Each week will cover a different topic where you received live training from Jaemi Serene and there is an open forum to discuss personal accomplishments and questions related to the topics and workbook.  The group also interacts through a private Facebook group where deep insights and shift can be shared and supported outside of the weekly live call.  The intent of this program is to help each woman have full confidence in her leadership abilities and move forward with an action plan to address her individual specific goals.


Weekly Schedule:

  • Week 1: Who are YOU in YOUR leadership?
  • Week 2: Influences of Leadership
  • Week 3: Managing Emotional Triggers & Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Week 4: Your Systems for Self Care and High Productivity
  • Week 5: Standing Up to Sexism & Bullies
  • Week 6: Communication Tactics
  • Week 7: Mean Girls
  • Week 8: Using Your Voice for a Greater Cause
  • Week 9: Emergent Leadership
  • Week 10: Servant Leadership
  • Week 11: Transformational Leadership
  • Week 12: Authentic Leadership

Next Training Start Date: 1/23/18 - 4/10/18