Mindset Shifts

SheLeadsHer has three important pillars that cover Mindset, Voice and Leadership.
In this portion of SheLeadsHer, you will cover the pillar of Mindset.

Mindset within the workplace is important for everyone, especially women. Why? Ask yourself if you have problems with understanding how others perceive you, which leads to poor relationships or communication? Do you have problems in managing your emotional intelligence and are triggered by others actions, which then leads to an action you later regret? Do you have patterns in your workplace that keep reoccurring that you try to fix by finding another job or transfering to another department? Have you thought of the common denominator possibly being you? Are you experiencing sexism in the workplace and you find your response to be less intelligent that you would like to present yourself, which takes away from the actual sexism itself?


If you are experiencing any of these unfavorable scenarios within your workplace, the Mindset Training Pillar will benefit you and turn around these potential pitfalls. The training covers key modules that will take you through video vignettes, a workbook, self reflection and a private Facebook Group to create engagement with other Millennial Women around the world who are completing the program at the same time. The private Facebook Group is designed so that you will have an opportunity to share your moments of progress, ask questions and promote your success. You are encouraged to share video updates, cheer on your peers and create a community of women who are supporting one another. Jaemi Serene will monitor the private Facebook Group and engage with the group for shared support.

The Mindset training will cover the following topics:

  1. Understand why behavior is just as important as skill in leadership
  2. Uncover your current behaviors connected to leadership that are creative or reactive
  3. Complete a 360 assessment to uncover what others experience in your leadership
  4. Take a self assessment on how you perceive others to experience your leadership (behavior)
  5. Redefine your leadership style and characteristics you want to demonstrate
  6. Action plan to address leadership (behavior) gaps
  1. Understand how your upbringing has influenced your idea of leadership
  2. Make meaning of patterns in your lifeline, outlining peaks and valleys
  3. List unconscious beliefs that are showing up in your leadership that are no longer serving you
  4. List beliefs that you hold that you consider strengths of your vision of leadership
  5. Identify how the women in your life have played a role in your vision of being a female leader
  6. Action steps to close the leadership gap
  1. Understand what triggers you and why it triggers you
  2. Define what values are compromised when you are triggered
  3. Identify methodologies to use when triggered (V-SCARF, ACT, The Four Agreements)
  4. Create a proactive response to triggers to use when they arise
  5. Develop a stronger emotional presence in the workplace when high stress occurs
  1. What your current practices are for self care
  2. Develop new forms of self care that will improve mood and productivity
  3. Incorporate meditation and visualization techniques (6 Phase Meditation)
  4. Reassess how you feel after your new systems for balance