Voice Activation

SheLeadsHer has three important pillars that cover Mindset, Voice and Leadership.
In this portion of SheLeadsHer, you will cover the pillar of Voice.

Voice is important in the workplace as it is the vehicle in which you connect with others, voice your opinion, stand up for yourself if you are experiencing sexism and ultimately how you contribute to your organization or community. Voice is more than verbally speaking. Voice is also the written word and communications you send out via email and blog format.

Why is Voice important to have activated in your workplace? Are you able to negotiate your salary with confidence and not feeling guilty for asking for what you want and deserve? Are you able to communicate your desires to be apart of projects that light you up, but you are too afraid to ask because it is not primarily within your job description? Are you afraid to ask for a raise or promotion for fear of feeling greedy? Do you have difficulty in expressing your ideas in meetings and with key leaders, which leads to someone else speaking up before you, with your same idea. Is this a pattern? Are you able to address a coworker who is behaving in a manner that you believe to be sexism, bullying or sexual harassment?


If any of the above examples speak true to you, the Voice Training Pillar will benefit you and turn around these potential pitfalls that are holding you back in your fulfillment at work. The training covers key modules that will take you through video vignettes, a workbook, self-reflection and a private Facebook Group to create engagement with other Millennial Women around the world who are completing the program at the same time. The private Facebook Group is designed so that you will have an opportunity to share your moments of progress, ask questions and promote your success. You are encouraged to share video updates, cheer on your peers and create a community of women who are supporting one another. Jaemi Serene will monitor the private Facebook Group and engage with the group for shared support.

The Voice Activation training will cover the following topics:

  1. Definitions of Sexism, Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  2. How to respond to Sexism, Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  3. How to protect yourself from retaliation from your employer if it occurs
  4. Methods to preserve your integrity and outlook while the investigation occurs
  5. Proper means to document conversations where witnesses are not present and maintain documents that are relevant to your position
  1. Tactics for Salary Negotiation
  2. How to handle difficult conversations with peers and senior leaders
  3. How to have your voice heard so that your message is clear
  4. Understand how vulnerability can develop better relationships
  5. Become aware of how your non-verbal communication is stronger than your verbal communication
  1. How Mean Girls are contributing to the Leadership Gap
  2. Identify if you are taking on Mean Girl traits some of the time without intention
  3. Learn techniques to respond to mean girls in the workplace
  4. Incorporate regular practices in how you uplift other women you work with
  1. Uncover and build upon your efforts to support Women & Girls
  2. Identify your top skills that you can transfer to others who may need it
  3. Research Non-Profits in your area that you can dedicate your time or resources to
  4. Identify areas of interest that you can continue to be involved in