Millennial Women... you are the next generation of women leaders.
Are you up for the challenge?!

As all great leaders grow and develop, the first person they master is themselves. Leadership is understanding your foundation, understanding yourself, your desires and feeling confident on your path. SheLeadsHer is designed for millennial women to start or continue the process of self leadership, authenticity, and ambition as it relates to your career trajectory. While the state of women reflect that gender equity is a high priority, SheLeadsHer is designed for you to develop yourself as a leader and take action in your communities and organizations.

SheLeadsHer workshops will connect you to a community of like minded women, gain clarity in understanding your value, know who YOU are in your leadership (regardless of title), develop economic empowerment and drive a call to action to activate your voice.

Purpose Of SheLeadsHer Workshops

  • To develop an evolutionary shift in how women view themselves as leaders
  • To outline leadership competencies that will propel women in their careers
  • To educate women in leadership theory (Emergent Leadership, Servant Leadership, etc)
  • To create a community of women who are turning workplace challenges into opportunity
  • To feel joy and happiness at work by learning mindset shift techniques
  • To become the best version of yourself in a supportive environment

Topics Covered In SheLeadsHer Academy

  • Emerging as a leader in your environment before you are awarded the “title”
  • Managing triggers at work to consistently show up as a strategic leader
  • Developing assertive communication skills to earn respect
  • Understanding who YOU are in YOUR leadership
  • Uncovering your idealism of what leadership is and where this notion came from
  • Activating your voice when you feel intimidation or fear rise
  • Channeling your voice when you feel frustration so that you are articulate
  • Identifying how to use spirituality in the workplace so that you are grounded
  • How to debunk the myth that women don’t get along in the workplace
  • Learn how to work in a male dominated environment while standing in your power